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As most naturals in Australia can testify, it's hard to find products suitable for our hair here. The big brand names are mostly limited to America and shipping is very expensive when one decides to buy these products.

So I was pleased to know of a health-conscious hair care line based in Melbourne, Australia so of course I had to try the range. MoistureLover products are plant-based and the founder is a biotechnologist. This is how I used the products on a typical washday after having clarified my hair with a shampoo.

The MoistureLover range

Deep conditioner
This product contains vitamin e, castor oil and wheat germ protein. As I identify with low porosity, I wore a plastic cap and a heated cap for 30mins to help the product penetrate my hair. After washing it out, my hair felt a bit dryer than the other times I deep condition with my usual concoction. However, I put this down to the wheat germ protein as I've never done a protein treatment before. 
(PS: MoistureLover has a new formulation of the deep conditioner that now contains more extra virgin olive oil (70%) than castor oil (30%). This is great because olive oil penetrates the hair shaft better than castor oil, giving your hair a better treatment).
The amount of hair that came out after detangling with the deep conditioner.

Leave-in conditioner (Peppermint/Chamomile)
I then applied the vegan Synerger leave-in conditioner and I liked the consistency of it. There is an choice between the peppermint-infused one and the chamomile one, though they both contain organic shea butter. I do prefer the peppermint infusion over the chamomile one, only because I'm biased towards the smell of peppermint🙂 I do tend to work the products into my hair for better effectiveness.

Curlfect Moisturiser (Cream Gel)
Look at that curl definition! (Model: my mum's hair).
After the leave-in, I applied the curlfect moisturiser. This one is a plant-based lotion-gel with rose water, flaxseed gel and castor oil. I love the smell of rose water so that sold it for me. The consistency is not too thick and it's easy to apply to hair. After application and smoothing it into hair, the curl definition was great and my hair was quite soft and manipulating was a breeze. I sealed with my oil mixture and did African threading to stretch the hair.

SmoothUp Gel Cream
This gel-cream is perfect for those who would do wash and gos as it has flaxseed gel and honey plus rose water. I generally don't do wash and gos so instead, I use it to smooth down hair when I tie it into a bun or updo. It does give good curl definition.

However, after my hair was completely dry, it felt a bit dry and brittle. My low porosity hair does struggle to absorb moisture from products and it probably needs some bit of heat to facilitate moisture retention. The dryness could also be attributed to the humectants, honey and vegetable glycerin. My hair usually responds to glycerin but in this case, I used the products when it was still winter time in Australia. (In cold weather, humectants tend to draw moisture from the hair into the atmosphere and in summer it does the opposite).In my next use of the products, I did seal with my Shea butter whip and that helped combat a bit of the dryness. 

Having said that, products react differently to different people. My mother and my sister used the same products with different results from mine. Their hair was still soft when it was completely dry. 
 So if you're a natural in Australia and want to try something different, why not head to moisture lovers page on Instagram and try her products. I love the natural ingredients and how they are Australian made because I'm all for supporting local business. She also has different sizes for the products so you could try out the smaller bottles and see how your hair reacts to them.

You can follow MoistureLover on instagram on @moisturelover and the shop for the products can be found at  You can also find a full description of the products on that website.

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  1. I love the before-and-after shot. These things take time to put together so well done. A very valuable piece 🙌🏿


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